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I invite you to join me and over 75,000+ other agents in keeping 80 or 100% of YOUR  commission running your real estate business with eXp Realty. Prosper with company equity through stock options and profit sharing for long-term financial freedom. Top-notch technological tools and a multitude of optional training every month juts you ahead of the rest. All this with no desk or overhead fees, and no required meetings. Plus, there’s an option for healthcare.

Roger Flowers, eXp Agent/Owner in California

Why Choose Roger Flowers as my eXp Sponsor?

  • Step-by-step ‘on-the-phone’ guidance throughout the online onboarding process with agent/owner Roger Flowers
  • 45-minute technology consultation (via phone, Zoom or Google Meets) to help configure your website and CRM your first month
  • 45-minute technology consultation (via phone, Zoom or Google Meets) to fine-tune your online and social media marketing campaigns your second month
  • Continued support and access to tech expert Roger Flowers via text with the option for additional tech consultations
  • Inbound buyer and seller referrals (as available from my international web presence) at a 25% referral fee  

Do I really get 80% or 100% of My Commission?

Every agent at eXp Realty has a split of 80/20 until the cap is met. eXp agents reach their cap when they pay $16,000 to the company. So if you earn $80,000+ in gross commission (GCI) you should reach your commission cap each year; then you get 100% of your commission minus a few flat-fee processing charges.

In addition to your commission, you receive a percentage of the gross commission generated by the agents you introduce to the company. If one of your recruits sells a home, you’ll make 3.5% of the commission earned. Recruiting is not required, but does create the opportunity for residual income; a great source of retirement income for eXp real estate agents.

What do I Get for the $149 Startup Fee and $85 Monthly Fee?

  • 1,000 business cards designed, printed and mail to you (one-time)
  • Setup and support of your KV Core lead generation website by Inside Real Estate
  • Contact Management System as part of your KV Core Platform 
  • Regus Business Center Membership to thousands of Regus locations
  • Skyslope Transaction Management System
  • Your own Agent Attraction Website
  • Access to eXp World, our virtual campus
  • Optional healthcare plans through Clearwater

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Tech Tools for eXp Agent Success

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IDX Website
$250 and up per month
Who is eXp Realty

About eXp Realty

Check out the slide deck that explains eXp Realty in DETAIL.

Find out who we are, meet Glenn Sanford, the founder and CEO and why eXp Realty was created, our development timeline, growth stats and most importantly, eXplore our core values.

Why Join eXp Realty?

When you join eXp Realty, you become part of a worldwide family of agents and partners dedicated to transforming the real estate experience. Learn more about how we empower our agents with world-class education, strategic partnership and stock awards.

  • A generous commission plan (80/20) with the ability to get to 100% commission with a low annual cap. Low Fees. No franchise fees off the top, no royalty fees, no desk fees
  • Access to an experienced state broker ready to help you with your transaction and questions
  • Free use of the Regus office spaces worldwide
  • The KV Core CRM and lead generation system for every agent 
  • Access to the “Making it Rain” Lead Generation Program
  • Tech staff available for custom help, specific advice, and general marketing and technology questions
  • Coaching and Accountability Workshops
  • 50+ hours of live training classes every week.
  • Multiple Revenue Streams – The industry’s best revenue share program – your residual income will not stop if you retire, go on vacation or heaven forbid, go on disability
  • Own your business through the stock purchase program, the residual income, and your own team
  • There is no mandatory desk time! Let’s face it – desk time is really free labor to keep an office open on the weekends

Frequently Asked Questions

Commission, Fees and eXp Stock

Every agent at eXp Realty has a split of 80/20 until the cap is met.

Yes, it’s just $40 per transaction with a max of $500 annually.

No! Just $85 per month to our national brokerage

Zero. We are a nationally owned brokerage, so there are no franchises. This should save many agents thousands of dollars each year.

eXp stock is traded on NASDAQ – ticker symbol: EXPI

After you sell your first home, you are awarded stock in the company! Agents also receive stock awards when they hit their commission cap, introduce another agent to the company that closes a real estate transaction and/or become an eXp ICON. The best award is the ICON Agent stock award where top-producing agents receive up to $16,000 worth of stock every year that they receive the ICON award. Most of the stock awards agents receive are vested after three (3) years.

General Information about eXp Realty

We have the corporate headquarters in Bellingham, Washington, and a few brick and mortar offices in states that require a physical office. Other than that, eXp agents and brokers work from their home offices, remote office space or Regus Coworking Center. As a company, this saves a tremendous amount of money and eXp is able to share the savings with their agents through lower costs and the revenue sharing program.

eXp has it covered. Every agent receives a free membership to the Regus Business Lounges (a co-working center) so you can go in and work in between appointments or reserve a conference room for you and your clients. There are over 3,000 Regus co-working offices in the US, so there should be at least one that’s convenient for you!

No. There is no required meetings or floor time.

No! This is completely optional to create residual income.

Here at eXp Realty, we have a unique way of making sure that agents have an abundance of resources when you need assistance. Your broker, sponsor and/or mentor can answer many of your questions, but you can also pop into the virtual office and visit the accounting department, technology team, and more. The virtual office is open about 10 to 12 hours a day so it’s super convenient for agents. You can also visit eXp Workplace and chat with your brokers, transaction team, accounting, stock services, and more.

Because eXp doesn’t have a lot of overhead – like the typical brokerage – they are able to share half of the 20% split with agents who help our company grow. For every real estate agent you personally introduce to eXp, you’ll receive up to $2,800 each year. If you have agents who introduce more agents, you’ll also earn a percentage of what they sell.

Without a doubt. eXp offers the FastStart training program for new agents, as well as new agent masterminds, and 50+ hours of live training each week. Also, all new agents are paired with a local mentor that works with them on their first three transactions (and beyond if you’d like) for a small mentor fee. As a new agent at eXp, you have such a great support system with your broker, mentor, and sponsor and you always have someone to answer your questions and help get your business off the ground.

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